The Benjamin Franklin Society Library
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The Benjamin Franklin Society Library is proud to have supporting volunteers from all over the world…

…alongside our wonderful board and staff:


Our vision: creating a fully intentional, collaborative humanity.


The Benjamin Franklin Society Library’s mission is to archive humanity’s ideas, ideologies, and world-views for future generations to understand, scrutinize, and more willfully choose to adopt or adapt.


We the Databrarians of the Benjamin Franklin Society Library of the United States, in order to form a more perfect intellectual union, establish an effort to organize opinion and information, encourage domestic deliberation, provide for common understanding, promote the general welfare of information, and secure the blessings of liberty of thought to ourselves and our posterity in pursuit of e-lightenment and higher learning for all.


More about the library 📖

The Society Library is inspired by Benjamin Franklin's Junto club, in which debates were conducted "in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth, without fondness for dispute or desire of victory." In the same spirit, the Society Library's mission is to archive and contextualize humanity's ideas, ideologies, and world-views to present to the public in sincere inquiry after truth, understanding, and education. Our mission is an educational one, therefore we aim to be objective by processing information through an inter-coded content analysis platform to detect and defend against our potential bias as we systematically identify, organize, and present information in the library.


Virtues and Values

📖 Intellectual Honesty

The Truth is the Truth No Matter Who Says It

We recognize that the truth may come from any source: a conspiratorial website, a harsh rant online, a weaponized piece of content, or even a meme. While the context of the information is important to consider in examination of it, it is never discounted as the possible outlet through which a truth may become known. All pieces of information must be given fair and in-depth examination, as any other.

📖 Intellectual Freedom

Be Not In Possession of Ideas That Possess You

We commit to being free from the possession and oppression of opinions and ideas which may cloud or corrupt our judgement, inspire us to anger, upset, frustration, or despair, or move us to dismiss or discount the contribution of another. Our intellectual context is that of complete open-mindedness and sincere inquiry after truth. Detach yourself from opinions - if you have one, it has you.

📖 Intellectual Inclusion

Let no intellectual stone be left unturned

Beyond being open to the truth coming from any potential source, we have a commitment to actively seek out fringe, isolated, or distant ideas and opinions and include them in our work.

📖 Ernest Service

We do not exist to change what people think, we exist to change the context in which people think

As it has been said, the truth may never win, however it will outlive its opponents. We do not work to change the people around us and force them to recognize a truth, we exist to provide a context in which people may discover possible truths on their own, given the tools we have provided and information we present: created in earnest service. Detached from outcomes, we can work humbly in service of generations yet born.

📖 Love of Information and Individuals

Nec Timeo Nec Sperno

We do not fear, nor despise any idea, opinion, or argument or the person who holds it. Information is never good or bad, information has the meaning we ascribe to it based on our definitions, classifications, and characteristics. We are never frustrated by nonsensical, grammatically incorrect, or illogical ideas, we see them as ways by which a human expresses a need, even if under many layers of abstraction, distractions, or deceptions. We see our work as an opportunity to connect people with a means of communicating and articulating their world-view; potentially through the expressions of others, which is preserved in our work. We work out of love for this, and out of love for what information can do for others.