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Please be sure to read over the following documents before getting started with this application survey:

In order to complete your application, you must complete the following:

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  • Link to a video featuring you answering these questions

  • Send us your resume/CV and/or samples of work to or Handshake (Handshake Preferred)

Student Personal Information
This information will not be used to determine eligibility. It is basic personal information for our records. While some of these fields are required for communication purposes, you are not required to answer all of these questions.
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Interview Video
Please review the following interview questions (linked to above) and record a video of you answering those questions. Please upload that video to a drive, cloud, or video hosting site (such as Vimeo or Youtube) and share a link to that video with us. Be sure that the video is not private or inaccessible. If you decide to upload your content to Youtube, make your video "unlisted," though accessible via a link you will provide. For Vimeo, you can password-protect your upload, but please provide the password to us. Remember: It is not the quality of the video, but instead its content and your character that we are looking at! So this can be recorded on a phone, laptop, etc., it does not need to be a quality production! If you are seriously unable to create an interview video (such as due to technological limitations), it may be very difficult to perform the work required as a part of this internship (since it heavily relies on video communications), so it is unlikely your application will be accepted.
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