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The study of logic is as old as Athenian democracy, and yet we hardly see logical fallacies called out in political debates today. As a part of the analysis performed for the Great American Debate, we're inviting students of philosophy, argumentation theory, and logic to review datasets of arguments and assess their logical merit, structure, and type. Students may be paired with other data science students to develop ways to parse and analyze large datasets, or they may be working individually to review sets of arguments for tagging. READ MORE / APPLY NOW (currently not accepting applications)

Logic & argumentation

Media & Communications

Great storytelling is at the core of successful non-profit development. Students selected for Social Media and Communications internship will be given the opportunity to hone their storytelling capabilities working on projects both serious and cheeky designed to raise brand awareness and provide valuable education to the public at large. Students interested in sharpening their professional skills will be trained to create comprehensive marketing, media, and social media packages, which will be an attractive addition to their CV. READ MORE / APPLY NOW

Data Science

Throughout this internship, you will gain valuable hands-on experience dealing with structured and unstructured qualitative data sets, made accessible to you to derive interesting insights and make sincere contributions to your project assignments. Enjoy opportunities to take on more challenging tasks, join specialized teams by demonstrating proficiencies in preferred skill sets, and generate meaningful visualizations, reports, and outputs with real world uses. READ MORE / APPLY NOW (currently not accepting applications)

Climate Science *(Special Topic)

The debate about climate change in the U.S. territories is a special focus of the Society Library at this time. Students will be welcomed to research and process data from scholarly publications and a variety of online sources for our Great American Debate Program. Students will receive training to source data pertinent to the project that they are assigned from various sources of media; such as scholarly articles, news articles, documentaries, video, social media data, government documents, and more. READ MORE / APPLY NOW

Skilled fundraisers possess excellent communication, organization, and planning skills as well as people management skills, and creativity. Students with an eye towards a career on a C-suite track, a writing career, public affairs, or fundraising career would benefit from this internship. Students will learn how to find value to extract, and how to exchange value within a network. Students will be taught to critically read and respond to writing prompts for the solicitation of funds, perform research, and engage with mission stakeholders in order to inspire and connect with people within a network. READ MORE / APPLY NOW (currently not accepting applications)

grant writing

Art and visual storytelling are key components to the most powerful movements and revolutions! We are looking for students that want to turn their digital art into social ACTION! Students will work with our social media and communications teams to produce digital posters, magazine covers, social media posts, and even memes! Students must be comfortable having their works possibly put online or shared within our network. READ MORE / APPLY NOW

art & design

Organizing grassroots campaigns and effectively mobilizing resources in a community requires a particularly rounded skillset. We are seeking organized, motivated, great communicators to join our team in growing and supporting a network of volunteers locally and around the nation. This is a great opportunity for students who aspire to leadership positions, especially over decentralized/distributed networks and working with multiple teams. Students will be taught advanced communication and team management techniques, and given real-world responsibilities under the direction of our community managers. READ MORE / APPLY NOW (currently not accepting applications)

Community Organizing

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We are pleased to have worked with the following universities.png
  • Lake Forest College

  • Minerva Schools at KGI

  • Oregon State University

  • The University of Chicago

  • University of California, Los Angeles

  • University of Central Florida

  • University of Colorado Boulder

  • University of Georgia

  • University of North Florida

  • Utah State University

  • American University

  • Brown University

  • California State University, San Bernardino

  • Columbia University

  • Davidson College

  • Elizabeth City State University

  • Florida State University

  • George Washington University

  • Grinnell College

  • Kent State University