Learn More - Society Library Methods

The Society Library has developed methods for extracting the arguments, claims, evidence, and ideas from various sources of media. We use traditional content analysis, big data analysis, argument mining, and methodologies we’ve developed to perform the work of extracting and archiving content for the library. The Society Library is supported in these efforts by other organizations who are partners in this mission.

We put in place specific strategies to overcome sampling and content analysis bias, as well as strictly adhere to our virtues and values so as not to exempt or unfairly manage ideas or information.

The Society Library doesn’t just extract the ideas textually, but is also compiling a reference of the media from which ideas are extracted, so any idea can be viewed in the various forms of media which it may have been extracted from (film, graphical depiction, satirical cartoon, etc.).

The purpose of this is to create a multi-media educational database of society’s ideas, ideologies, and world-views to improve the process by which humanity inherits ideas, generationally.