The Internet government

The Internet Government is a developing program which will be a digital platform on which people may upload their perspectives to be represented in a programmed political deliberation. Essentially, politics, without politicians. This effort is to help identify the valid logical arguments and incorrigible values of each perspective applied to a given debate topic and generate responsive legislative suggestions which can be scored on more sophisticated mathematical thresholds than just approval by majority rule.

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"Recycle Your essays" program

Recycle Your Essays is a campus-based campaign in which students donate their scientific essays to the Society Library database, to be received and treated as unique qualitative data sets for the library's use. By working with student-led environmental organizations, students can collect and "recycle" essays - digitize the content for submission to the library, and then compost or recycle the papers and paperclips/staples. Students essays can also be submitted or donated online. The essays will processed via content analysis and applied for educational and archival purposes --- because intelligence is a terrible thing to waste.


PIWPEW Edu Channel (in the works)

People of the internet of the world public educational wavelength

Information arrives to our minds from a variety of socializing agents and media sources. Teaching critical thinking skills is necessary for new generations to navigate sources of information so as to not be impressionable towards misinformed, misrepresented, abbreviated, or extreme information. The PIWPEW (People of the Internet of the World Public Educational Wavelength) channel is an educational series which teaches kids of various ages about logic, the history of ideas, science comprehension, and critical thinking.

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