The Internet government

The Internet Government is a digital congress where people can upload their perspectives to be represented in a programmed political deliberation: politics, without politicians. This effort is to help identify the valid logical arguments and incorrigible values of each perspective applied to a given debate topic and generate responsive legislative suggestions which can be scored on more sophisticated mathematical thresholds than just approval by majority rule.

Find out more at InternetGovernment.org

Recycle Your Essays (1).png

"Recycle Your essays" program

Recycle Your Essays invites students to donate their academic papers to the Society Library database, to be received and treated as unique qualitative data sets for the library's use. The essays will be archived for educational and research purposes - because intelligence is a terrible thing to waste.

Great American Debate Logo.png

The Great American Debate

The Great American Debate is an educational event and online platform. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how the application of advance technologies can help a community sort out what’s fact and what’s fiction in social and political issues. We believe we can recover our common ground and rediscover our shared values through communication technologies.

Find out more: GreatAmericanDebate.org


AI Politician

The AI Politician (which is under brand review) will be a chatbot speaking as representative of the Internet Government,