Terms & Conditions

Who We Are

The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc. (also known as "The Society Library," “We” “The Library,” “The Society,” “The Benjamin Franklin Society,” or “The Librarians”) is a free public Library of society’s informed-opinions. These Terms and Conditions are a guide to understanding our services, our values, and our relationship with You (also known as “the Writers, “the Authors,” “the Public,” “the User,” “the Submitter of Materials,” or “the Contributors” to the Library). What we ask the Contributors to donate we may refer to as “works,” “essays,” “articles,” “original content,” “content,” or “materials.”

The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc. digital Library framework, called The Junto Framework, is a recreation of Benjamin Franklin’s Junto Club, put into a formal, digital format, with the increased scope of the World Wide Web.

What We Do

We campaign for college students and informed, or educated individuals to contribute preexisting essays, research papers or literature reviews of University merit that contain original work or ideas, or have an explicitly unique organization of intelligence so as to communicate an individual perspective concerning the appropriate topics.

Once enough essays or perspectives concerning a certain topic are submitted, the Librarians treat each essay as a data set and group together similar perspectives. By submitting your essays to the Library, you are giving the Librarians the explicit right to use, re-use, rewrite and edit your content to be republished on our public Library to be of free and public access to all those who “visit” the Library’s website.

The Library also accepts recommendations for reading materials that are not meant to be published in the Library. We at The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc. love to learn. And although our service as a non-profit, educational institution requires the submission the appropriately cited original work, we do accept materials that would be of strictly personal use. Simply put, we leave our systems open for submission of materials that you think we would enjoy to read. Any materials that are designated as a recommendation with not be published as original content as this material does not have to be your content. However, You the Contributor, are responsible for the allocation of your relationships with the work that is being submitted. If you submit works that do not belong to You, meaning that they were not written by You, then you must designate the work as such.

When You Submit Some Content (Original Work, Essay, Reading Material, Etc)

When You submit content to the Library:


  1. If the content you are submitting is simply a personal recommendation, a work that you have not written or edited in any way; one that is not meant to be published by the Library, but instead a work that you think the Society Library would personally enjoy-You MUST identify that you are not the author. If you identify that you are the original author of this work, when you are not, the Society Library is not liable for your falsehood and you assume all the responsibilities and consequences of stealing someone else's work. 
  2. If you are submitting your original content, you are  giving the Library explicit rights to analyze, re-use, re-write, edit, and publish a part or the entirety of your original work as you  have written it. You are also giving the Society Library the right to organize the content in any way in which we see fit. 

Once Your Work is Donated to the Library:

We take a restricted, editorial role: The Benjamin Franklin Society Library works towards the equal presentation of all perspectives (informed-opinions) concerning a particular topic, however, these perspectives will be edited by the Librarians of The Benjamin Franklin Society Library so that the presentation of information abides by the rules of conduct set forth by Benjamin Franklin’s Junto Club. General observations, ideas, conclusions, arguments and perspectives will be edited in the following ways:

For Example: A sentence that says “It is therefore, obvious, that aliens assassinated Abraham Lincoln.” Would be changed to “It is supported by such and such evidence that aliens may have assassinated Abraham Lincoln.”

  1. Devices of language persuasion or parts of speech that commit the idea to certainty are removed

Your essay will be treated and organized like a data set. Your one essay, or the sum of all the essays that You submit, and the individual observations, conclusions, ideas, arguments and perspectives written in Your essay or essays will be grouped together with others that share those same general observations, conclusions, ideas, arguments and perspectives so that the evidence that is used by each individual to support their own claims (scholarly citations) is broadened. The editing process is performed by The Library, and upon submission, You are agreeing to let the Librarians edit your content in any way that we prefer.

For Example: Ten essays that are submitted on the topic of “The assassination of Abraham Lincoln by aliens” will be categorized in the following ways:

  1. Whether or not the writer of each essay is in support or against the idea
  2. What kind of conclusive evidence or contradictory evidence
  3. They way in which the topic is presented
  4. The differences in the perspective of the topic

The Library reserves the right to organize any submitted content in any manner the Librarians see to be fit, logical or necessary.

When a group of essays are contributed and properly divided, the information that is presented whether in support or against the idea will be broadened by the context of each individual explaining the idea, and the scholarly evidence used in support of each perspective is broadened. Our role as editors is extended so far as we can completely rewrite a review of all the essays written by the Public that are donated. We will cite all relations or original work referenced in our rewrites.

When you donate your essays to the Library, You are granting the Library rights to treat Your essays as a data set: a set of conclusions or perspectives as supported by a set of external, scholarly sources. This means You are allowing the Library to extract any information and group it with other pieces of information that we deem to be related or in sets that we observe. Once donated, You are granted the Library the right to edit your content in any way, which includes organizing it into perspective trends.

 UPON SUBMISSION, your essay in its entirety will be published on our Library as a link in one of the topics of the Library.

Content We Post:

Is for educational purposes only. We aim to publish any legitimate perspective, even contradicting perspectives or informed-opinions so long as they are legitimately supported and cited. The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc, will not accept organizations of information that are in violation of intellectual property rights or copyright, or use overtly plagiarized materials. The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc, and The Benjamin Franklin Society will not accept test banks, class notes, class powerpoints, outlines, quizzes or study materials. No materials belonging to professors will be accepted for use for the Library without permission.

The content that is published by The Benjamin Franklin Society Library will be both the original content that is donated, and the reorganization of extracted pieces of information from the original content edited by the Library.

Content You Submit:

It is your responsibility upon submission to make sure that anything written in your essay that is not an original idea by You is appropriately cited (APA, MLA format). Any piece of data, theory, idea or supporting detail that is from a source that was not written by you must be attributed to the author of that work. You are responsible for any copyright, trademark or intellectual property right infringement in your essay. If any part of your essay is in violation of copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights and gets published in our Library, the Library accepts no responsible for the publishing of work that was contributed as original work but was not appropriately cited. When you submit your essay, you are agreeing that no part of your essay is plagiarizing any other work or individual. Any plagiarized or infringing materials that are submitted are your responsibility, and if any infringing or plagiarized materials gets published in our Library, you are in violation of our Terms and Conditions and the Library will notify the appropriate authorities to handle these violations and infringements.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you, The User (Submitter of Materials) are agreeing to provide all appropriate citations to identify the use of non-original content which may be used to support your original work(s). You are agreeing that you have not submitted plagiarized materials. You are agreeing to submit your work(s) for unlimited use by The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc, The Benjamin Franklin Society and The Junto Framework. The User (Submitter of Materials) may write in to request that your content be discontinued for use in the Library (The Junto Framework) which will be respected, though your request to have your property removed immediately may not be guaranteed by The Benjamin Franklin Library Society Inc, The Benjamin Franklin Society and The Junto Framework.

The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc, The Benjamin Franklin Society and The Junto Framework do not accept responsibility for content that is submitted under a false name. The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc, The Benjamin Franklin Society and The Junto Framework do not accept responsibility for plagiarized materials submitted as original work to the Library. The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc., The Benjamin Franklin Society and The Junto Framework are simply extracting and organizing freely contributed original works from the General Public. Although The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc, The Benjamin Franklin Society and The Junto Framework will take reasonable measures to determine if plagiarism or copyright infringement exists in a submitted work, the responsibility to guarantee there is no infringement is that of The User, or The Submitter of Materials.

In Regards to Scholarly Content to be used as Sources for Original Work:

The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc does not wish to interfere, but rather enhance, public participation in the consumption of scholarly journals and scientific essays. Therefore, all citations attached to donated works of original materials will be linked to publisher’s websites so that any one navigating the Library can, at any point, see from where the source can be located and purchased. Only appropriately cited materials will be accepted. All cited materials will be linked to the original author or publisher for purchase externally from our site. We will not sell access to scholarly work on behalf of authors.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to all provisions listed in this document and acknowledging that you have read this document in its entirety. The Benjamin Franklin Society Library Inc. reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.