Society Library

We are building a library of society’s ideas, ideologies, and world-views.

While a traditional library contains books, films, music, and archives of various kinds, the Society Library is extracting the ideas, arguments, claims, and evidence from those forms of media to construct comprehensive, browsable databases of society’s ideas, ideologies, and world-views.

We compile, refine, and organize content to make this world of information easier to access and understand, so that future generations of humanity can be more informed, free, and empowered in choosing the ideas that will form their individual and collective actions.


We live in an information age - and unequal access to information, too much information, incomplete information, and mis/disinformation impacts the way we make decisions about everything from personal health to international relations.



…the Society Library extracts, archives, and compiles content to fulfill on our mission of making more complete sets of information concerning some of the most fundamental, persistently divisive, or most impactful issues, ideas, ideologies, and world-views of humanity available to the public.

We mine for arguments, claims, evidence, and ideas from various forms of media (see list below). After extracting and compiling this content, we develop what we call “ideological narratives” and store them within a digital library. An ideological narrative is a collaborative narrative made of hundreds or thousands of different pieces of content which more fully explains an idea, ideology, or world-view. It is via these ideological narratives that users can browse a database of the archived content which informed that collaborative narrative. We do not claim there is one “true” narrative over others, our role is to archive and articulate as many narratives as possible, however we do provide critical meta-data about the types of knowledge, logic, and evidence (or lack thereof) present in the narratives.

The Society Library adheres to very specific methodologies, as well as virtues and values, so that we can counteract bias in our work.


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